PayPal Approvals

Adding an extra layer of security for PayPal's large enterprise merchant accounts.


PayPal Approvals provides an essential layer of security for merchants to prevent fradulent activity. With this feature, any risky actions being performed on the account are routed into a queue for approval from a trusted user.

toolbox —

figma, sketch
ux design, concept, strategy, responsive design

team —

worked on a cross-funtional team by partnering with design, research, product, and engineering

impact —

large enterprise merchants adopted this new feature and are opting-in to approval flows


Several large enterprises have expressed frustration that they did not have control over potentially risky activities especially revolving around things like money movement within their accounts. As a result, there was no layer of security to prevent fraudulent activity and internal losses for them. This is a fairly standard concept in the industry that we did not offer previously.

Currently in the existing state today, there are over 30,000 secondary users created monthly for large enterprise merchants' PayPal accounts. PayPal's account model previously provided no control over secondary user actions, so secondary users would be able to move large sums of money out of merchant accounts with no oversight. So any action revolving around transferring large amounts of money, changing bank or card information on the account, managing other users and their permissions, etc. would be considered 'risky' and require approval.


Approvals introduces an experience that requires employees to submit requests when taking any actions deemed risky (such as money transfers!) Merchants can then route these risky actions to a queue for approval before being processed. Trusted individuals are then prompted to screen these risky actions to ensure there are no mistakes or fraudulent activity occurring before being processed.

paypal approvals page design


identify —

identified the problem space and the target users for the experience: PAU, SU, Admin

design —

designed from reusable design framework that follows PayPal UI guidelines

reinforce —

mapped out the user flows for each use case including error and edge cases


Through this project, I was able to gain a lot of insight on what merchants value in their experience. When it comes to managing money or account details, security should be a given. PayPal did not previously consider the possibility of bad actors and fraudulent activity within enterprises. So providing the extra guardrails in the merchant experience has prevented instances of money being stolen or wrongfully transferred!

Approvals addresses the frustration that PayPal's large enterprise merchants had for not having control over the actions being performed by the thousands of secondary users on their PayPal accounts.


Feel free to reach out to me via email if you'd like to learn more about this project!